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Your domicile is the place where you maintain a permanent home. Your intent to remain in this place indefinitely makes it your domicile and makes you the place's domiciliary. Your domiciliary status subjects you to specific laws. Thus, domicile is a legal construct used to determine where you vote, file lawsuits, pay taxes, claim benefits, and oblige governmental authority. At birth, your domicile of origin is the home you share with your parents. This lotrustedcation remains your domicile until you reach the age of majority and acquire a domicile of choice. This domicile of choice remains your domicile until you abandon it by relocating to a new domicile with the bona fide intent to make the new domicile your fixed and permanent home. We will help you through your domicile certificate online registration.

No matter how many homes you own, only one is your domicile registration. It is the one you acquire intending to remain indefinitely and to which you relocate after you abandon your old domicile. It could be the home where you live, work, bank, vote, and register your car. You can do your online domicile registration with us. Legally, your domicile is the location you declare in legal documents, such as the address you use to vote, bank, register vehicles, and pay taxes. Ending a domicile certificate Maharashtra association includes your efforts to close bank accounts, surrender your driver's license, remove your name from voting rolls, and pay taxes as a nonresident. To apply for domicile certificate Maharashtra, read the complete article.

A domicile certificate is a document issued in the India by the Department of State that indicates that the person named on the certificate is a state resident. To obtain a domicile certificate Maharashtra, you must provide evidence that you have been living in the state for at thirty days in the six months immediately before applying for the certificate.

Domicile is a government scheme that provides housing for people who cannot afford to live independently. The method was first introduced in 1983 and has been expanded several times since then. Currently, there are over 27 million domiciles in India. The main eligibility criteria for a domicile Sarkari suvidha is that the person must be below the poverty line.

Benefits of having a domicile certificate or course

When it comes to proper residency and citizenship, your domicile is critical. A domicile certificate can prove that you've been residing in a specific location for a set period, making it easier for you to access certain privileges and rights as a citizen. However, there are pros and cons to having either of these documents. Here are the top two:

  • Easier access to privileges and rights as a citizen- Having a domicile certificate online Maharashtra proves that you've been residing in a specific location for a while, which makes it easier for you to access certain privileges and rights as a citizen. For example, if you have a domicile certificate from your home country, you may be able to apply for a passport more quickly than someone who doesn't have one.
  • Prevents fraud- If someone is trying to get citizenship by claiming they live in your city even though they've only been there for a few months, having a domicile certificate may help prevent them from succeeding.

How do I get a DOMICILE online registration?

To get a DOMICILE online registration, you must contact the municipality where you live. They will then be able to help you obtain the required documents.

Who can get a domicile certificate Maharashtra online?

A domicile certificate Maharashtra online can be obtained by any person who is physically present in Maharashtra. has a permanent address in Maharashtra., and is registered with the Maharashtra: Age Nationality and Domicile Certificate..

When do I need to apply for domicile certificate Maharashtra?

If you are an Indian citizen, or permanent legal foreign resident, you do not need a DOMICILE certificate. Suppose you temporarily are a nonresident citizen in India for business or pleasure. In that case, you may need to apply for domicile registration Maharashtra if you plan to stay in India for over six months. Since you are from an international country who is not an Indian citizen and does not have a valid visa that allows you to stay in India indefinitely, you will need a DOMICILE certificate if you want to establish regular residence in India.

What are the benefits of online registration of domicile certificates?

The benefits of online registration of DOMICILE certificate can be summarized as follows:

  • A DOMICILE certificate shows that you live in the state where you are seeking to work.
  • If you are a foreigner looking for work in the United States, having a DOMICILE certificate will make it much easier for you to find a job.
  • If you are registered to vote in more than one state, having a DOMICILE certificate will make it much easier for you to register to vote in each state.
  • Having a DOMICILE certificate may also make it easier for you to get a driver's license or other forms of identification in some states.

You can use these steps to apply for a domicile certificate Maharashtra online.


As a professional looking to establish your domicile in another country, knowing the differences between a DOMICILE certificate is essential. Online application for DOMICILE certificate in Maharashtra is an official document that shows you have permanently moved to the country and are eligible for all the rights and privileges that come with being there. Before making any decisions, it is important to research to know what would best suit your needs as an expat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official site to apply for gazette online Maharashtra is Sarkari Suvidha. You can call at +91 -7304701238 or visit us at
An individual who is living or whose parents are permanent residents of a particular state for more than 3 years can apply for a domicile certificate application. This duration of residence may vary from state to state.

In order to get a domicile certificate application online, the candidates have to visit their respective state's portals and follow the procedure as specified.

A domicile certificate application can be issued by the respective state/UT authorities such as Tehsildar, Revenue Office, SDM, Collector Office, Deputy Collector Office, District Magistrate Office, etc.

No, an Aadhaar Card cannot be used as a domicile certificate application as it is basically identity proof and not residence proof.
Generally, a domicile application or resident certificate has life-long validity. However, some state authorities have restricted its validity depending on the purpose for which it has been asked for. The minimum validity of a domicile certificate application can be 6 months.
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