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Online Drink And Liquor License Registration

The Alcohol drink license Registration is an authorization granted by a State's Excise Department that allows people to manufacture, transport, and sell alcoholic beverages within the state. The Drink license authorizes businesses to sell and market Alcohol. Liquor of sale is one of the most profitable businesses for the Restaurant and Hotel Sector. It helps in increasing the profit addition because of the high demand. In legal terms, online drink licence can be defined as legal permission given by the State Excise Department to those who are willing to expand the boundaries of their business by distributing alcoholic beverages or drinks at a particular place. The business personnel must adhere to the rules and guidelines framed by the state governing authorities. To obtain an alcohol license in Maharashtra, India, purchase a Rs 10 court stamp fee from any court and go to the nearest passport issuing office to get the application form. Fill out the form with your name, date of birth, age, occupation, and address, and glue the stamp onto the paper. Every state follows its own defined set of rules and regulations regarding the buy, sale, and liquor utilization. Before applying for a liquor license, one must have complete information on the alcohol laws prevailing in that state. The State Excise Department is responsible for liquor drinking license Maharashtra.

Need for the License

Places like bars and cafe that license the customers to consume the drink on its premises are expected to get a liquor drink licence. Then again, acquire an off-license to sell alcohol in alcohol stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Kinds of Licenses

Alcohol licenses are comprehensively ordered into two sorts.

Discount Liquor License

This license alludes to an individual conveying a license in Form C.I.W II, is qualified to sell obligation paid country alcohol in discount. Discount Liquor License is additionally arranged into:

  • The offer of unacceptable nature of food is considered as an offense under the FSSAI guidelines and a punishment of 5 lakhs is to be paid.
  • Discount license for wine, which is utilized as exchange and import license to eliminate a custom wilderness.
  • License to support capacity and discount of obligation paid country to retail shops.
  • License for the discount of unfamiliar alcohol.

Part-III of the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949 notices the method to get a Wholesale License. It expresses that a person needing the license needs to make an application to the Commissioner through the Superintendent of the locale where the singular likes to lay out a distribution center to stock the nation alcohol. The administrator checks the subtleties referenced in the application and afterward guarantees the structures or rooms of the distribution center utilized for the offer of alcohol adjust with the determinations of rule 15. What's more, the demonstration additionally specifies the prerequisites of the distribution center premises.

Retail Liquor License

This license alludes to an individual conveying a license in Form C.L.III or C.L./F.L/. Retail Liquor License is additionally grouped into:

  • Grant Room License
  • Club License
  • Brew Shoppe License
  • Gentle Liquor and Wine Bar License
  • Wine bar License
  • Wine Shoppe License

Issue of License

The Government has executed specific segments concerning the award of the alcohol license to the concerned licensee subject to consistency with these prerequisites. One can get their liquor drinking license maharashtra online with Sarkari Suvidha without any hesitation.

Segment 34: Vendor's Licenses

The candidate can get a merchant license assuming that every one of the prerequisites are according to the Government standards or through a composed request that formally allows to sell unfamiliar alcohol by a merchant. This part likewise works with the conceding of an innovative license under the accompanying circumstances:

  • The load of unfamiliar alcohol from the licensee (with the exception of removal at the store) should be kept up with at 12 government-supported godowns.
  • The alcohol proprietor needs to pay all leases, costs and different costs associated with the stockroom and reconnaissance.

Segment 35: Hotel Licenses

  • The candidate can get a Hotel license on the off chance that every one of the necessities are per the Government standards or through a composed request that formally allows the directors of a lodging to sell unfamiliar alcohol. The Government, prior to conceding the license, guarantees that there are sufficient staff individuals in the inn to hold the grants.
  • The candidate can pick lodging licenses under the accompanying possibilities.
  • Alcohol is offered to each allow holder living or boarding the inn.
  • Utilization of alcohol deals isn't licenseted in any lodging to which general society approaches.
  • The holders of lodging drink licence online are committed to transmit the costs of any of the officials of the extract foundation (if any) for the award and control of licenses in the vicinity or the management of the issue and utilization of unfamiliar alcohol inside its limits.

Restoration of License

The Grade 1 eateries of Mumbai can get a Bar License. The allowing room license for 'ON-Consumption' and 'FL II licenses' have been conceded to shops as an underwriting of the offer of fixed bottles for 'OFF-Consumption'. Nonetheless, these licenses are legitimate for one year, after which it must be reestablished. To restore a license, the license proprietor needs to apply for restoration before thirty days of the expiry of recharging. An expense of Rs. 25 is expected for the application structure, challan and the reestablishment charge.

Documents Required

At the time of renewal a license, present the accompanying reports:

  • A court charge stamp of Rs. 1.
  • Different License.
  • Application charge challan of Rs. 25.
  • License charge challan.
  • Annual assessment/deals charge freedom endorsement or testimony.
  • Duplicate of the Partnership Deed.
  • Proprietorship/Tenancy of the premises.

Application Procedure

Here are the moves toward apply for an drinking license online Maharashtra.

Step 1: Obtain a court stamp of Rs. 10

The candidate needs to get a court expense stamp of Rs. 10 court stamp from any court or the Asiatic Town Hall close to the gatherer's office.

Step 2: Approach the license giving office

The candidate needs to visit the Old Customs House, likewise as Collectors Office in the Fort region in South Mumbai. This office is likewise accessible in the local extract workplaces in Malvani (Malad West), Andheri, Bandra and Chembur.

Step 3: Receive the application structure

On moving toward the workplace, the candidate can get the application structure from the concerned specialists. The structure is accessible for nothing of cost.

Step 4: Enter the Details

The candidate needs to enter the accompanying subtleties in the application structure.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Private Address

Step 5: Affix the stamp

Subsequent to entering every one of the subtleties in the application structure, the candidate needs to fasten the court charge stamp on the application structure.

Step 6: Submit the Application

The candidate needs to present the application structure alongside the photos, personal ID and address verification. While applying, the candidate needs to pay the suitable expense contingent upon the sort of license.

Documents Required

To get a Liquor License, the candidate needs to present the accompanying records alongside the application:

  • An application that is addressed to the Excise and Taxation Officer.
  • A depository receipt of Rs. 2000 (for lifetime grants) and a depository receipt of Rs. 200 (for one year grant) under the head 039-State Excise.
  • Age Proof.
  • Address Proof.
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Punishment

    On the off chance that an individual has, polishes off or moves liquor in Mumbai without a legitimate license, he/she might need to either pay a fine of Rs. 50,000 or might be imprisoned for a long time. So get your online liquor drinking license Maharashtra with quick service at Sarkari Suvidha.

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    The official site to apply for an Online Drink License in Mumbai is Sarkari Suvidha. You can call at +91 -7304701238 or visit us at
    The liquor department provides an online application form to apply for a drink license in Mumbai.
    Yes, all the bars and hotels are required to have the license to sell Alcohol.
    If a person wants to sell Alcohol to the public through a retail outlet such as-A a bottle shop, Home delivery, Mail order, or the internet, a person will need a packaged liquor license or alcohol drink license.
    The alcohol consumption License is similar to the Alcohol liquor license.
    Yes, to deliver Alcohol an alcohol license is required in Mumbai.

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