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Food License

In India, to start any business related to food, a person must get the food license as per the FSSAI license or Food Safety and Standards Licensing or Registration of Food Businesses Regulations, 2009. Every person who wants to begin or continue their food business should make an application acknowledgement of a Food License to authorized officers with online FSSAI license fees mentioned under Article 31 of FSS Act, 2006. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, established the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India or FSSAI certificate, which is in charge of safeguarding and encouraging Public health via rules and regulation of Food Safety.

FSSAI is situated in 5 regions: Northern Region with head office in New Delhi, Eastern Region, North Eastern Region, Western Region, Southern Region. FSSAI food licence aims to frame scientifically based guidelines for food articles, modulate the Storage, manufacture, distribution, sale, and import of food, and encourage food safety. FSSAI registration gives three types of Licenses: Basic Food License, State Food License, and Central Food License. Those who want to start a food-related business must get an food licence online in India. All the food licenses which are issued to all the operators of food businesses have validity up to 1 to 5 years. And the fees of the license depend upon the validity of the food license. One must start the FSSAI registration process 30 days before the expiry of the validity, and those who do not comply with it are charged with a penalty.

Trust Of The Customers

A valid correspondence is important to acquire the client's trust. Food license registration will lead to better assistance and furthermore keep the clients from undesirable and corrupted food supply.

Lawful Advantages

Form b FSSAI will improve the opportunity of lawful requirement and command over the division at one point and will energize the foundation of a few things to a specific region.

Government Funding And Loans

The FSSAI enlistment will offer the honors of Government Funding and Loans that can be effectively available for the business administrators.

Utilization Of FSSAI Logo

The utilization of FSSAI logo on your item will ordinarily make generosity trust value among the buyers.

Brand Value

An organization will naturally get Brand Value once it get the FSSAI online registration.

Extension Of Business

The FSSAI license will give a more extensive degree and honor of expansion at any geographic area.

Acknowledgment of Government

Administration of India perceives the FSSAI Registration coming about into client trust and gigantic base of buyers.

Grant Of Food Business

FSSAI License talks about the security of the clients worried about food business.

Benefits From Government Actions On Non-Compliance

Government will make a move and give the assistance to the organization in the event of any rebelliousness issue from now on.

Support Up Your Business

In the event that a business is FSSAI enlisted, it will make an attractive client base and lift up the business at a bigger scope.

Punishments and Offenses for Non-consistence

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) takes the issues connected with the creation and handling of food genuinely. There is Section 50 to Section 65 that deals with the offenses under the FSSA 2006. It monitors every one of the important prerequisites that one requires to keep and follow the consistency strategy to try not to be rebuffed. The fundamental offense is the offer of food without the FSSAI license for which one can be rebuffed with detainment and a punishment of around 5 lakhs. A portion of different offenses are:

  • The offer of unacceptable nature of food is considered as an offense under the FSSAI guidelines and a punishment of 5 lakhs is to be paid.
  • The offer of misbranded items is culpable with a punishment of 3 lakhs.
  • The creation, handling and stockpiling of food with unscrupulous means is rebuffed with a punishment of 1 lakhs.
  • The creation, handling and stockpiling of food with unfortunate means is rebuffed with a punishment of 1 lakhs.
  • There is likewise a punishment of 5 lakhs in the event that the individual endures in view of bad quality food.
  • The person who neglects to correct their mix-ups will be confronted with closing down of the business and wiping out the license.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The official site to apply for FSSAI license In India is Sarkari Suvidha. You can call at +91 -7304701238 or visit us at
The full form of FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
The FSSAI Online Portal address is
To get FSSAI Renewal Form in Maharashtra, one can log on to the official website of the FSSAI department.
You can get the information related to fssai licence renewal fees in Mumbai on the official website of the FSSAI department.
FSSAI renewal fees for one year are Rs. 7500.

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