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Pan Card

PAN Card registration means registering for a Permanent Account Number, one of the primary Indian documents required for every Indian eligible as a taxpayer. One can apply for PAN Card from the Income Tax Department under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. By registering for PAN Card, you will receive a 10-digit alpha-numeric unique code allocated to any "Person" who applies for it, whether Indian or foreigner. PAN Card registered to any person can use it for filing Income tax as well as significant Identification proof. One can download the pan card application form mentioned on government websites to apply for a pan card in Maharashtra. And submit it to a recognized PAN agency in a respected district/ tehsil or Online on websites of NSDL, UTI along with mandatory documents like ID Proofs, Address Proofs, Photograph, Birthdate proofs, and fees. Or one can also apply for pan card online with Sarkari Suvidha.

Importance of PAN Card Registration

The Primary Purpose of the pan card application is to help the government keep track of Taxpayers' financial transactions and avoid tax evasion, specifically by high taxpayers who can impact the economy. Pan Registration In India is mandatory in many financial dealings and for opening new bank accounts, new phone connections, Demat Accounts, Foreign Currency Exchange, Bank transactions of more than Rs.50000, loans, sale of vehicles, and immovable properties, etc. PAN Registration also plays a vital role as Significant ID Proof for Indians and foreigners, though it is not proof of citizenship for foreigners. So it is highly recommended to fill out the pan card form and get your PAN card done.

Uses of PAN

The primary purpose of the online pan card application is to bring a broad identification to all banking transactions and to avoid tax evasion by keeping an eye on financial transactions, especially on HNWI (high-net-worth individuals) who can impact the economy of the country. Apply for a pan card online because it is compulsory when tax deduction at source, filing income tax returns, or any other connection with the Income Tax Department. PAN card is now a mandatory government document if you are looking forward to opening a new bank account, a mobile phone or landline connection, a new Demat account, buying foreign currency, depositing above ?50,000 in the bank account, buying and selling immobile properties, vehicles, etc. So now you will wonder how to apply pan card online or offline? We at Sarkari Suvidha will help you get the quick PAN card service to complete any work without hesitation.

Getting a PAN Card

A PAN is discretionary or willful, similar to identification, driving permit, Aadhaar, etc. Be that as it may, its utilization is required for going through high-esteem monetary exchanges. One can apply for online PAN by presenting the recommended PAN application to the approved PAN office or through online accommodation to NSDL Website, UTI alongside two ongoing visa size variety photos, evidence of ID, Address, and Date of Birth, and charge. One can also get a new pan card if damaged or lost. For new pan card apply, procedures will be a little different. A copy of the old PAN is likewise required for the new pan card form, and it requires around 10-15 days to get the card. A client with an Aadhaar card can likewise submit e-KYC.

PAN for NRIs

PAN is an essential document for NRIs also. The PAN card for NRIs is the 49AA PAN card. Be that as it may, the pan 49aa application form should be documented utilizing Form 49AA implied for NRIs and submitted at any approved PAN Service Centers through the authorized agent in India. A list of documents that are required for NRIs 49AA PAN card is given below:

Individuals and HUF

Documents required as proof of identity

  • Copy visa or Voter's ID card
  • Copy of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card given by Government of India,
  • Copy of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card given by Government of India, Copy of other public or citizenship Identification Number or Taxpayer Identification Number correctly verified by "Apostille" (in regard of nations which are signatories to the Hague Convention of 1961) or by the Indian Embassy or High Commission or Consulate in the country where the candidate is found or approved authorities of abroad parts of Scheduled Banks enlisted in India (in recommended design).

Documents required as proof of address

  • Verification of personality archives referenced above bearing the location of the candidate or
  • Copy financial balance articulation in the nation of home, or
  • Copy of non-occupant outer (NRE) ledger articulation in India, or
  • Copy declaration of residence in India or home license given by the state police specialists, or
  • A Copy enrollment declaration was given by the Foreigner's Registration Office showing an Indian location, or
  • Copy of visa conceded and Copy of arrangement letter or agreement from an Indian organization and endorsement (in unique) of Indian area given by the business.

For other than individuals and HUF (including those having no office of their own in India)

Documents required as proof of identity and proof of address

  • Copy authentication of enlistment given in the nation where the candidate is found, confirmed adequately by "Apostille" (regarding the countries which are signatories to the Hague Convention of 1961) or by the Indian Embassy or High Commission or Consulate in the nation where the candidate is found, or approved authorities of abroad parts of Scheduled Banks enrolled in India (in endorsed design); or
  • Copy enrollment declaration given in India or of endorsement allowed to set up an office in India by Indian Authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

To the official site to apply for PAN Card in Mumbai is Sarkari Suvidha. You can call at +91 -7304701238 or visit us at
You can apply for PAN Card online in Mumbai at Sarkari Suvidha. Contact Sarkari Suvidha at +91 -7304701238.
Though many people think that for pan card eligibility, a person must be 18 plus years old, that is not true. Anyone who is a taxpayer in India is bound to apply for PAN card in India despite their age.
To Apply for PAN offline in Mumbai, one must download the 49A Form from NSDL Or UTI ITSL Portal and get it printed. Then fill in all the mandatory details about self and attach required documents, photographs. Then submit your form and documents along with fees to your nearest NSDL or UTI ITSL offices. You will receive Registered PAN Number on your registered mobile number and Email ID, while an applied PAN Card will be delivered to your doorsteps within 20 working days after the validation process is complete.
For Indian persons, PAN Card Registration Fees at Sarkari Suvidha are charged Rs. 107 and for foreigners, it is Rs. 994.
We need to submit form 49a application for applying for a PAN Card.
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